Thinking about portfolio’s

Considering my work at present and the most appropriate method of display I have been looking at portfolio’s and the options available.

As the I produce often takes form as a series of multiple images rather than individual ones it is important that my work can be displayed and viewed as a whole body of work.

The images shouldn’t be viewed as separate pieces as often they are important elements of a larger concept that the series communicates collectively.


In consideration of this I decided the most appropriate methods of display for my projects would be a portfolio box. Using this method would provide opportunity to lay out images in sequence, illustrating the intended order of view, thus illustrating the message communicated by the projects as a whole.

Another alternative would be individual books for each project, however consideration of the books layout and design is as important as the images themselves.

Designing these books will require much time and attention to ensure they meet a professional standard and are appropriate for the work they contain.


Considering the above, in relation to books (which I aim to design and have made in the future) As a temporary alternative I decided a box would be the most suitable.

I looked online at a recommended supplier of professional materials (silverprint)

And after working out current work I would include in my protfolio, I worked out the costings.

For the box and required number of sleeves it would cost £102.44 with postage and VAT

Portfolio BoxesPrint Sleeves - Unholed for Box Presentation

Screen Shot 2014-05-10 at 23.57.05


I decided to look at high street alternatives but found the savings didn’t justify the loss of quality only resulting in having to buy again at a later date.

The same was true with the prints themselves. High street printers offer competitive prices and better value, but knowing that the quality isn’t of a professional

standard it makes sense to wait and buy the best quality once rather than having to buy twice.

Screen Shot 2014-05-11 at 00.04.20


This also means I can design and print (or even make – where appropriate) books for the projects that better suit that method of display.


After completing my studies, I will have more free time to work and save money, as well as the time to dedicate to ensuring my work is displayed in the most appropriate manner.

As I plan to go on to do a masters, this will also require a portfolio for interview. So it makes sense to invest more time and money into perfecting the final portfolio.









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