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As many internships and voluntary opportunities do not pay – or only pay expenses / a minimum wage it seems like an unlikely option as i need to save for further study. I could continue with working (having increased my hours) and focus on experience and developing my work as a practitioner.

I have had two written reviews published on photomonitor so one of my goals upon graduation is to continue writing and learning whilst developing my own projects and trying to get work exhibited


Focusing on self development prior to further study will help me choose as route that is most appropriate for my future goals.

At present I am undecided in regards to what courses would be best suited to me.

With an interest in galleries and curating, as well as art therapy, community art work and teaching I wonder if broadening my knowledge would be most beneficial.

I have looked into history of art master’s, but it appears I need an art degree for this. I’m wondering if, instead of doing a Masters It would be more beneficial for me to do a BA in history of art.

Many courses allow the student to focus their practice around the field of interest to them, so even if i did a fine art degree I could still work in photography and film whilst broadening my knowledge of a wider art practice – this knowledge is essential should i wish to get involved with galleries.


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