Personal project brief #2 Greyhounds

Elizabeth Chandler

Project Brief – Photography

Working title – (if i have one)


Interested in developing my series The Dog’s Home. A Picture Story.

With particular interest in grey hounds and the sport of racing them.
These dogs are seen as property. A juxtaposition to the notion that dog is mans best friend, part of the family ETC. Interested in exploring the notions of status associated with greyhound racing.

Research –

Brief research has already revealed the true barbaric nature of this sport.
The animals have identification tattoos in their ears – to ensure that upon winning a race the owner can claim his profit. When these dogs no longer perform to the required standard, due to age or illness, often their ears are cut off and the dog left to bleed to death.

Practical Outcome – (initial project aims. what will be produced. How many images ETC)

Target Audience – (where could this work be used / exhibited)

Practical considerations –

Gaining access may be extremely difficult as the project poses a negative stand point.


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