Project brief #1 – The Cheese Factory

Project brief #1 – The Cheese Factory


Elizabeth Chandler

Project Brief – Photography

Working title – The cheese factory


A documentary approach, looking into the production of cheese, with a heavy focus on the people that work their. exploring their commitment to their craft. Many traditional  factories are family run and have been passed on through generations.
Looking to show the pride of the people who work and commit their lives to the mass production of cheese.
In many ways cheese production is a lifestyle and the workers are often passionate and committed to keeping traditions in place whilst meeting the demands of the consumers. Different places have different recopies. Cheese comes in numerous varieties of different styles, textures and flavours. Most cheese types originated many centuries ago, and their typical style and characteristics can usually be attributed to the unique cultural context and conditions of the community or region of origin.

Research – (where it relates to wider practice and theory – What research can I undertake)

Practical Outcome 

An appropriate number of images presented as a series that gives an insight into the industry and the people who work in these factories.

Target Audience – (where could this work be used / exhibited)

Practical considerations 

Gaining access could be problematic


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