more brief writing tips

Type I: Guidelines for Students Writing A
rt and Creative Humanities SURF
Art and Humanities Proposal should place your project in a larger creative
context, while providing specific details about your objectives, process and product, as
well as the anticipated impact on your development as an artist and/or humanist. A
typical problem is to offer too broad a discussion and too much personal background.
The directions below are intended to help you organize your proposal and present your
information in a way that balances significance and detail and meets the requirement
of grant
giving agencies, including the Undergraduate Research Office (URO). Please
include the headings in the proposal exactly as they appear below. The proposal should
be no longer than three pages.
Part I. Abstract
The Abstract is a brief but speci
fic statement of the project’s objectives, methods, and
impact as you as an artist, musician, and/or humanist: what you hope to accomplish,
using what means and resources, and why is the project important to you, your field,
and to the larger world?
II. Project Narrative
The project narrative is a detailed discussion of your proposed project, including the
objectives, the methods you plan to use, and how your project relates and contributes to
the particular creative field(s).
Here is what you shoul
d include in your proposal:
A detailed description of the creative work you intend to undertake
1. What makes it original?
2. Why is it important that you undertake this project?
Objective or goal:
What do you want to achieve?
Conceptual approach:
How are you approaching this project?
What concern, problem, or need will the work address?
What medium and genre will you be using and why are they
appropriate for this work?
What is your vision for the final project?
A di
scussion of how the proposed work fits into and advances the field’s
current creative context and conversation.
1. What are the sources of inspiration for this project?
2. How does it build on or differ from past or current work by others in
the fields?
In related fields?
3. In what specific ways will this work advance the current creative
context and conversation?

Part III. Process
Describe the process involved with the project.
A. How do you plan to accomplish the project?
B. Provide a detailed ti
meline, including:
production research
Production schedule itemizing tasks and allocating time
production, if applicable
V. Outcomes
Outline the outcomes of your project.
A. Benefit to the artist and hu
manist: How will this project/product enhance
your interests and skills, directions and opportunities for further work?
B. Exhibition/Presentation: In addition to Meeting of the Minds (our annual
wide research symposium), how, where and when do you
plan to
present your work? If no additional exhibition beyond Meeting of the Minds
is planned, how will you disseminate the knowledge gained from the project?
Part V
. Supporting Materials
All proposals must contain supporting materials to clarify the
proposal. These include
prior art or creative work; links to CD/DVD documentation; music compositions;
sketches of proposed work; preliminary research; archive information, etc.

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