Pay it forward

This was a project that initially I came up up with to form part of my Negotiated Final Major Project looking at human behavior.

As the project developed and there became a more significant focal point of my project it became apparent it was no longer appropriate to include this.

That being said, this was still a huge success and is something I plan to continue developing.

‘Pay it forward’ is a community project that involves members of the public, encouraging them to participate in a larger art project.

What this is involves is toys and some relevant objects (such as masks and glasses) being left in public spaces with a tag.

The tag explains that the finder of the object is to take a photograph of that item, however or wherever they wish.

They are then encouraged to pass it on to another to do the same or to leave it for someone else to find.

With the photograph they have taken, they then share this in various ways – instagram tags, emails and various other forms of social media has been set up especially for this project and all images I receive are then posted onto the projects instagram where people can follow the progress of the project.

The project is interested in examining the attitudes of the general public, in there willingness to engage with art projects.

Using the toys was a effective method of doing this whilst injecting a little fun into a strangers day and proving them with an opportunity to be part of large scale art project.

Since many members of the general public are uninvolved with the art world, I felt it was important to find a way to introduce and involve them in new and innovate ways in which they too, can engage with and contribute to creative projects.

PAP new PAPlogo DSC_3870 DSC_3875 DSC_3881 DSC_3889 DSC_3894 DSC_3897 DSC_3898 Untitled10x10


As this project is still on going it makes sense to carry it on and even expand it. I have began purchasing more objects and have had tags printed to make them more professional than the handmade ones.

Over the next year I will continue occasionally introducing new items into the cycle and collecting the images – which eventually I envision as a book.

I plan to contact some cafe’s and small business’s in the Norther Quarter – Manchester to see if they are willing to get involved.

I could exhibit some images and or the book with a box of toys where people can take one away with them to keep the project going.




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