The Lowry Visit

On Saturday I decided to used my day time hours before starting work at 4 to visit The Lowry and look at the current exhibitions there. I was mainly interested in looking at the Alison Goldfrapp – Musician as Curator exhibition however I found whilst there, there was an interesting mixed media exhibition looking at the Manchester Music scene. “Defining Me: Musical Adventures In Manchester”

“The “performer as curator” project is aimed at bridging the gap between performing and visual art. The Lowry’s head of visual arts and engagement, Michael Simpson, called it “an exciting new venture” with more collaborations planned. “The Lowry is a unique venue that combines major theatres and galleries under one roof and we value working with dancers, musicians and actors in our galleries and artists in our theatres. Alison Goldfrapp was a natural first choice for us, given her remarkable synthesis of music and visual imagery,” he said.”

An introspective of Goldfrapp’s life and career see the exhibition revolve around fantasy, folklore and fairy tale. The exhibition reflects this on-stage presence through themes of transformation, metamorphosis and identity. The exhibition seeks to explore storytelling throughout the ages, using representations of modern narrative and early depictions of fictional fairy tales.

1479367_10151888926384531_1980146011_o 1487042_10151888926839531_1843772077_o Screen Shot 2013-11-14 at 23.15.05 Screen Shot 2013-11-14 at 23.15.27 Screen Shot 2013-11-14 at 23.15.40 Screen Shot 2013-11-14 at 23.15.51 Screen Shot 2013-11-14 at 23.16.14 AnnaFox1999-550x392

Lowry has avoided convention and the obvious by illustrating Manchester’s musical history directly through the eyes of its citizens.

The focus isn’t the bands and their individual stories but personal journeys into how Manchester’s music has affected lives, whether it be inspiring them to join a band or merely their delight at going to see some of the famous acts that have passed through the city.

While the usual suspects of Manchester’s musical past appear they are far from the focal point and merely another part of the exhibition’s larger focus on all forms of music. The exhibition doesn’t follow a chronological order but still spreads itself wide enough to appeal to all music genres as well as to cover each decade of the last 60 years.

Displayed in one of the Lowry’s light, airy second floor gallery overlooking Salford Quays, the exhibition draws centrally on personal stories which are supplemented by photos, ticket stubs, posters, letters and record sleeves to give life to each tale. Some of the memorabilia is loaned personal artefacts that contain cherished memories while other items are widely recognised pieces, notably pictures from local photographer Kevin Cummins.

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Whilst there I also had a look at the Lowry’s permanent exhibition of L.S Lowry’s work and me and my friend decided to get involved with the activites by leaving behind a drawing we did with our opposite hands. (Big kids)



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