59-handmade-portfolio 6568488035_8abf3a9af6_o art8 Brown Things 1 davidwilson_9to5_01 Folding-Book1 images notebooks Open_Length D.A.Wagner Portfolio Open polaroidblog theends-16 I am beinging to think of ways to showcase my work and i’m certain I want to use book format for a number of my series as I feel that is the most appropriate method. After the taster session at uni where I showed some work digitally on my ipad I have become aware of how this mode will need to be perfected as there will be times when this will be the best way show my work (for example if I had a chance encounter and my ipad was all i had with me)

Additionally I want to work on creating a PDF portfolio that can be sent to people.

I like the idea of having a print portfolio and a series of books.

I also want to create a handmade book for on of my series, in particular the sleep series as I feel that would be a suitable mode of display for them.

I have began looking around at bookbinders in the area and services online as well as looking at imagery for inspiration.

I am also considering have a set of books which will compromise a box of separate chapters in my photographic work and will inevitably grow in time.


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