Last year for the work experience module I made contact with MASH Manchester and worked with them 2/3 days a week for 6 weeks. Whilst there I photographed the activities for the new website as well as helping with the design of new timetables and posters for around the center using their colour schemes and briefs. I also got involved with art therapy workshops  and made plans to go back and do photography workshops with the service users.

Since completion of that I have stayed in contact and been back on numerous occasions, two of which involved the organising and planning of a photo shoot day where I took a pop up studio and lighting and we had a hair and make up artist in. I then provided each service user with prints which they then mounted as part of a photo frame making session. they were great success and the staff at mash reported a significant increase in moral and self esteem which was great to hear.

I am still very much in contact with MASH and looking to put together a number of photography workshops in the future which will use photography and disposable cameras to engage the women with a positive way to present their feelings and provide a platform for them to make comments on what they do – this will then be put together as a small exhibition in the center

When I went back recently they had put up the tiles I had been heavily involved in the process of making with the service users. It was lovely to see and also two tiles I had engraved had been painted and finished by the service users which I really like.

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