Working with peers – developing skills – sharing ideas and knowledge

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As part of this module myself, Madeline and Lauren decided to do more stuff collaboratively so to increase our confidence in different shooting situations. I suggested we used my work in the day time when the top bar was closed to practice photographing each other in low light conditions. Unfortunately I drew the short straw of being the subject as you can see from Madeline’s photographs above.

I did however manage to convince them to let me take a few which I ten tried playing around with in post production to get some results different to what I would usually go for, thus using Photoshop in a new way and in some cases looking at online tutorials and mimicking aesthetics i had seen elsewhere.


DSC_3771ed DSC_3801ed DSC_3805ed DSC_3812ed DSC_3813ed DSC_3815ed DSC_3816ed DSC_3817ed DSC_3817ed2 DSC_3817ed3 copy DSC_3820ed DSC_3821ed DSC_3826ed


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