My PDP presentation slides

Here are my slides from my P.D.P

Objective #1 – Organisation

It is crucial in my last year that I remain organised and schedule my time to ensure all work is completed on time to the best of my ability. Additionally it is important that I get involved with other activities outside of the curriculum to best prepare me for leaving uni. Being organised will allow for free time to fit these things around uni and work.

Objective #2 Knowledge of software

It is important I continue to develop my skills and expand knowledge which may come in of use – a while ago now I signed up to adobe cloud where i pay a monthly fee but have access to all of the latest adobe software so I will be using online tutorials to make the most of this.

Objective #3   Read more

although this is a continual thing it is important I maintain this as studies become more intense in 3rd year. Already with the last assignment I felt it appropriate to revisit some books i read in 1st and 2nd year and the information quickly came back to me.

Objective #4   Visit exhibitions more regularly

Screen Shot 2013-11-19 at 14.46.47 Screen Shot 2013-11-19 at 14.46.59 Screen Shot 2013-11-19 at 14.47.10

There are many exhibitions I want to visit over the coming months and going forward I will continue to maintain regular attendance of galleries, not only to inform my practice but also to keep me creatively charged and inspired.

Objective #5   Studio skills

I have already arranged a session with some other students as a kind of refresher session in the studio – going forward I am hoping to arrange for some collaboration projects.

Objective #6   Exhibit my own

I have a few series of images which I feel it would be appropriate to find space for exhibition, for example my dogs home series – I plan to contact the animal shelter to see if they would be interested in showing the work in their public areas. Additionally the work done with MASH on my work experience – although these images cannot publicly be viewed a permanent exhibition in the center is something we have discussed and that I will be organising in the following months.

Objective #7   Write more

Having previously written reviews which have been published on Photomonitor I plan to write more about exhibitions I visit and take advantage of my already established contact at photomonitor.


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